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Renovating your apartment in the city centre?

We know it can be very challenging, when it comes to renovating apartments located in the city centre, especially on the French Riviera. From delivery issues, problems with contractors and exceeding costs to moving furniture through the historical buildings without lifts, there is always an issue.

With many years of experience in renovating and building villas and apartments, we know how to avoid those typical issues you can come across during renovation projects on the French Riviera.

Our main aim is to deliver cost-friendly solutions and smart ideas. We work with specialists in their field to deliver the best result and your total satisfaction.

If you are struggling with your renovation or building project due to Covid-19, we know how to help.

Whether you are looking to rent your apartment during the summer months or renovating it for your own joy, RS-Property Care is here for you. We have a database of reliable clients, to ensure a yearly financial return on your property.


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