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Building a new swimming pool?

Are you thinking about swimming pool renovation or building a pool from scratch on the French Riviera ? RS-Property Care is here for you with cost-friendly solutions and a team of experts.

Renovation and building is not always easy!

Problems and great expense is often linked to swimming pool renovation projects. Typically on the French Riviera, there is always a moment, when your contractor says "this is not possible" or "this is too difficult" and then you have to start compromising. With RS-Property Care you design a swimming pool of your dreams, and we will make it happen with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Exterior upkeep and much more!

Keep your second property in a TOP condition all year round! RS-Property Care Team will look after you 24/7 providing services such as maintenance service, gardening, renovation, swimming pool maintenance, exterior work, house keeping, cleaning, handling deliveries, private chef, events manager and more...


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