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When your renovation project turns out to be bigger than you imagined.

When it comes to villa or apartment renovation, it is often difficul to estimate exactly the cost and amount of work to be done. South of France and specifically French Riviera does not have a good reputation regarding reliable contractors, whom finish what they promised on time and within the budget.

With years of experience we have created a wide network of experts from electricians to builders, tile specialists or interior decoratorators in order to easily tackle a project of any difficulty. At RS-Property Care our focus is not only on the quality and timeliness of the work, but also on the cost-effectiveness using smart solutions and creative ideas.

Every renovation project is different

Every house, villa or apartment owner has a different dream when it comes to renovation. RS-Property care offers 100% customized service when it comes to building and renovation projects. Our interior designer among with the team specialists will make sure your building dreams will come true.

Transparent service with 24/7 assistance

With RS-Property Care you can:

  • Renovate, build, repair your property

  • Enjoy the all year round property management service

  • Benefit from one of the best concierge services on the French Riviera

Don't be scared of a big renovation project, RS-Property Care is here to help!

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